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We are committed to revolutionary creativity for a brighter and better future.

History : The long history of HHIC can be viewed at a glance. Expressions such as ‘challenge’ and ‘the first in Korea’ go hand-in-hand with our corporate track record.


  • Sep. 2014Merged Daeryun Energy Co., ltd. with Daeryun Power Co., ltd.
  • Feb. 2014Aquired HHIC-TMS Co., ltd.
  • Jun. 2012Aquired Incheon North Port Management Co., ltd.
  • Apr. 2011Listed Korea Engineering Consultants Corp.(KECC) on the stock exchange, KOSPI
  • Oct. 2010BYEOLLAE ENERGY joined hhic-holdings as a subsidiars.
  • Jul. 2010Hanjin City Gas changed company name to DAERYUN ENERGY & SERVICE
  • Jan. 2010DAERYUN ENERGY joined hhic-holdings as a subsidiary
  • Sep. 2008DAEYUN POWER joined hhic-holdings as subsidiary
  • Aug. 2007Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Holdings launched (incorporated as holding
  • Aug. 2007HHIC Group split into holding company (Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Holdings) and operating firm (Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction)
  • May. 2006Construction begun for Subic Shipyard in The Philippines
  • Apr. 2006Launch of the Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Group (designated as a group of companies under the regulation of mutual investment restrictions by the Fair Trade Commission)
  • Feb. 2006Signed an MOA on a land lease for Subic Shipyard in The Philippines
  • Oct. 2005Spun off from Hanjin Group
  • Dec. 2004Developed world’s first ‘underwater DAM use welding method’ (for an 8,100 TEU class carrier)
  • Oct. 2004Order received for Chinese container carriers for the first time in Korea (from COSCO, four 5,100 TEU class carriers)
  • Feb. 2003Order received for five 8,000 TEU class container carriers (from Offen, Germany)
  • Oct. 2002Order received for an LPX from the Korean Navy, launched the ‘Dokdo’ in July, 2005
  • Aug. 1999Merger of Hanjin Construction and Hanjin General Construction
  • Sep. 1997Order received for Light Railway construction in Manila, The Philippines
  • Apr. 1996Built Korea’s first cable-laying ship, the Segyero
  • Mar. 1996The world’s fastest 5,000 TEU class containership, the Hanjin London, delivered
  • Sep. 1995The first Asian membrane-type LNG carrier, the Hanjin Pyeongtaek, delivered.
  • Nov. 1992Constructed Incheon International Airport, site construction, taxiway, and passenger terminal (through Jan., 2003)
  • Dec. 1977Korea’s first oil prospecting ship for Denmark’s AP Company built.
  • Jun. 1977Construction of facilities for the TAIF Air Force Base in Saudi Arabia
  • May. 1974Korea’s first export of a large scale vessel, a 30,000 ton ship, to the U.S. Gulf Company
  • Dec. 1969Korea’s first export of ships, 20 steel fishing vessels to Taiwan
  • Nov. 1968KSEC privatized
  • Oct. 1968First Korean steel-frame building constructed (Seoul Marine Center Building)
  • Aug. 1968Hanil Development Co., Ltd., established (name changed to Hanjin Construction Co., Ltd. on Mar. 12, 1994)
  • Aug. 1967Korea Dredging Corp. established (name changed to Hanjin General Construction Co., Ltd. in June, 1990)
  • Sep. 1962First Korean machine tool (lathe) manufactured
  • Aug. 1945Korea Shipbuilding & Engineering Corp. (KSEC, a state-run company)
  • Nov. 1938Korea’s first steel cargo ship manufactured (390 tons)
  • Jul. 1937Chosun Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., established
Head Office : Zip 600-751, Chungjang-dearo 6, Junggu, Busan

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