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he HHIC Group pursues constant change and innovation

DAERYUN E&S: As a leading provider of clean and green energy for the future, Daeryun E&S Gas puts people and nature before everything else. We promise that we will do our best to grow into a top-class company that creates a richer life and a society where everyone is happy and safe, provides clean, convenient energy, and thinks and acts from the customer’s point of view.

Your Friendly Neighbor - Daeryun E&S Hanjin City Gas is a leading provider of clean and green energy for the future.

As an innovative energy-specialist company, Daeryun E&S puts people and nature before everything else. Our mission is to create a society where everyone is happy and safe, provide clean and convenient energy, and think and act from our customer’s point of view. Ultimately, we aim to grow into a top-class company, creating a richer life.

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About Us

Since May 1985. when it obtained a license for producing city gas, Daeryun E&S has contributed to the development and improvement in lifestyle for regional communities by providing LNG city gas to 800,000 households in Seoul (Seongbuk, Gangbuk, Dobong, and Nowon districts) and northern Gyeonggi-do (Euijeongbu, Dongducheon, Yangju, Pocheon, Yeoncheon).

The company, after obtaining a certification for Integrated Management Systems in Sep. 2003 (the first in Korea), was accordingly qualified as meeting international standards in the areas of city gas quality, the environment, and health & safety. This enabled the company to construct a safer, higher level advanced management system.

After its incorporation as a foreign invested company in July 1999 (during the period of the Asian financial crisis), it was included in the Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Group in May 2006 for a new stage of challenge as a leading provider of city gas in Korea.


  • Apr. 2013Signed MOU(Memorandum Of Understanding)with Uijeongbu-si for biogas business
  • May. 2012Constructed a new integration building and relocated to Millak-dong, Uijeongbu-si for energy affiliates
  • May. 2012Terminated community energy system(CES) business investment for Daeryun Power Co., ltd. and Byeollae Enerey Co., ltd.
  • Jul. 2012Applied LNG calorie system
  • Jul. 2011Extended city gas service area to Gunnae-myeon, Gasan-myeon of Pocheon-si
  • Jul. 2010Company name changed to DAERYUN ENERGY & SERVICE
  • May. 2006Included in the Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Group
  • Oct. 2003Obtained SEQMS 31001 Certification
  • Sep. 2001Started CNS Charging Station business operations
  • Aug. 2000Obtained ISO 9001 Certification
  • Jun. 1999City gas business spun off from Hanjin Construction and Hanjin City Gas Co., Ltd. incorporated
    Included in the French SUEZ GROUP
  • Mar. 1997Started city gas supply to Yangju and Dongducheon in Gyeonggi-do
  • Mar. 1994Company name changed to Hanjin Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Oct. 1990Started city gas supply to Uijeongbu-si in Gyeonggi-do
  • May. 1986Started city gas supply to Nowon, Dobong, Gangbuk, and Seongbuk
  • May. 1985Acquired license for city gas supply business
  • Aug. 1968Hanil Development Co., Ltd. incorporated
Head Office : Zip 600-751, Chungjang-dearo 6, Junggu, Busan

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